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Cross border collaboration and knowledge sharing is our passion, purpose, and inspiration. Become part of a global community committed to continuous learning and contribute to knowledge in different fields and topics.
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Our commitment to continuous education stems from our understanding of traditional education models’ limitations for some people in search of lifelong learning. The central pillar for our education model is sustainability (social, environmental, economic, governance, design, and innovation) and the added value of experts in the field as well as insights from specific destinations.

Subject Matter Experts (SME’s)

If you want to understand our community, our experts are more than Subject Matter Experts (SME). Global Studies Institute’s online learning platform responds to our interest in the topics that impact our societies in many fields. Our commitment to the Sustainable Development Goals and interdisciplinary collaboration means optimizing our personal and collective development as learners, professors, partners, and administrators.


Our learning model

Global Studies Institute at VERITAS is 100% online. However, unlike most of the online non-formal offerings, our courses are offered for smaller groups in a blended modality. Courses have synchronous web conference sessions with subject experts (this will be the most substantial part of the course) and asynchronous (flexible times and self-directed study) activities and recorded sessions to study material and work on small projects to upload on the Microsoft TEAMS Classroom.

Live web conferences with faculty and guest experts

These live web sessions are the majority of the course. We use the Microsoft Teams Classroom to interact with the synchronous logged-in groups.

Learn & Travel

Travelling and international cultural exchange have always been one of the most edifying and profound ways of learning. We become aware of the world’s diversity and richness; we also gain conscience of our cultural patterns and personal identity construction. Global Studies Institute wants to help you experience some of the concepts, topics, and skills you have learned with live hands-on educational travel. Our short educational excursions will focus on visiting communities, reserves, parks, and places that will showcase many of the courses, contents, and interests that our Lifelong learners’ community enjoys.

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Guanacaste & their culture


Environment & Science


Wellbeing & Human Development


Society, Design & Culture


Business, Economics & Governance


Collaborative activities with your interest community

During the live session, participants interact with the expert on topics. Participants will also interact with peers and propose content development and discussions with the professor.

Flexible, self-directed learning

Videos, lectures, and other web resources will be selected by accessible to participants through the course platform for review and for completing projects.

Autoestudio flexible

Microsoft Teams

We use Microsoft Teams to create live sessions and allow our community to share and interact with each other.

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Teams Classroom

The live online sessions and curriculum management are done on Microsoft Teams Classroom. 

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